High Performance

From a very young age like about 4 years old, it was quite clear to Norm and I that our son Stefan would become a gifted athlete. It is not something we really shared with others, but it was a deep knowing. In elementary school, one project he completed of his own choosing was a timeline of the Olympic Games. One can sense when you meet Stefan personally that he is destined to become an Olympic Athlete. Not for the medals nor the glory but for the challenge of it all, for the love of the sport, and for curious exploration of what his body, mind, soul, and spirit can do.

Regardless whether or not he ever participates in the Olympics, he is deep within his soul an Olympian.

High Risk

The sport in which Stefan chose to pursue this dream eventually became Track Sprint Cycling. We as parents know the risk of this sport. And yet as parents of a gifted athlete in a risky sport, we were not about to prevent Stefan from pursuing his dream, and have always given Stefan our full support all the way. Since mid June of 2017, Stefan has been involved in four crashes: two in training and two in competition. This last crash on August 30, 2018 in Aguascalientes, Mexico during the Pan American Track Championship’s Keirin race was by far the most serious. 

High Healing

Stefan is now in the most Olympian healing of his life. He is currently in ICU in Edmonton, Alberta recovering from the head injury. There is no doubt in our minds as parents that Stefan wants to heal, and we have personally witnessed this day after day since the accident. And in particular today, Sunday, September 9, 2018. And if you have been following Stefan and his cycling career and also want to see him heal, and feel called, we ask for your prayers/thoughts/intentions in the following way:

21 Day Stefan Karl Ritter Healing Prayer

Healing from a brain injury is an unknown journey. In the unknown lies unlimited potential. Out of unlimited potential arises the creation of a new possibility. We invite you to participate in Stefan Karl Ritter’s healing journey by praying/asking the 21 Day Stefan Karl Ritter Healing Prayer below. With love, gratitude and blessings, The Ritter Family.

As human beings we each have been given unlimited potential. This potential is accessed

  1. through purposeful and focused prayers, thoughts, and intentions
  2. accompanied by a deep desire and passion
  3. and then these prayers, thoughts and intentions are released – – let go – – set free. Meaning we no longer interfere by setting a prescribed expected outcome; instead we allow the miracle to unfold like watching a young child grow and flower.

It is a paradox but this is how miracles happen. When applied on a daily basis (ie. intentions set, passion applied and then released) miracles result.

For the next 21 days, beginning Sunday, September 9 to to Sunday, September 30, we ask people who feel called to do so, to send Stefan Karl Ritter the following daily:

  • if unable to start September 9, please begin on whichever day works for you and continue for 21 days
  • place one hand on your heart
  • breath in calm, peace and love into your heart first
  • once in this space send this calm, peace and love with the following intentions/prayers to Stefan either read or spoken (spoken has more power)

Dear God of my understanding,

  • We pray/ask that Stefan’s body harmoniously balances his blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, breathing rate and oxygen levels to promote the highest healing.
  • We pray/ask that Stefan’s soul continuously calls on God (the ever loving presence of unconditional love, healing and forgiveness which surrounds all of humanity) for healing.
  • We pray/ask that Stefan’s body & brain, soul & will, and spirit & energy all be interwoven and foundationally set within 21 days ending Sunday, September 30th, from which he can further flourish and heal.
  • We pray/ask that Stefan lives a long, healthy, accident free, vibrant and fully bodied capable life unified in body, soul and spirit.
  • We pray/ask that all cyclists when training and competing remain accident free.
  • We pray/ask that all who participate in this 21 day prayer in whichever way they are called, are also blessed with health, happiness and safety.


God Bless,

With much love and gratitude

Barbara (mom), Norman (dad) and Carsten (brother)

  • We are grateful to all the individuals and spiritual communities around the world praying on Stefan’s behalf.
  • We are grateful that Stefan is receiving amazing care at the Royal Alex ICU in Edmonton.
  • We are grateful to God, the unconditional love that holds all of humanity in love, truth, forgiveness and compassion. Thanks be to God!

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