The healing and rehab continues steadily and Stefan is in great health. Today, March 29th, is about 7 months since Stefan’s accident, and as the doctors have said, “The brain heals but it takes time.” Now what has Stefan been up to . . .

The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital here in Edmonton continues to stand up to its reputation of assisting people in recovery. Stefan is receiving ongoing Occupational and Physiotherapy as an out-patient. This will continue till June and perhaps beyond.

Physiotherapy started Stefan on the CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation ENvironment). It allows participants to interact with the simulated environment for immediate feedback on performance. There are some pictures below showing Stefan using the various programs to test balance, gait, scanning and the brain all at once – very cool! We are grateful to have access to this therapy.

Sports continue to be a big part of Stefan’s recovery, like dribbling the basketball with the left hand, practicing setting the volleyball, continued focus on weight lifting form, and playing table tennis and badminton. Every now and again he tests out his running. Spinning on the bike is still a major part of rehab. And Stefan was super happy when in early March he could once again do a pistol squat on both sides (one legged squat while holding the other leg forward). And the unsung hero of recovery is rest. The brain needs breaks throughout the day and good sleep habits. Stefan has incorporated rest (aka naps) into his day more regularly. It has helped tremendously.

Stefan’s thoughts on healing:

 “I feel like I have been given a second chance, and happy for every day! Thanks everyone for your ongoing support.“

We are very grateful for the visitors who have come through our house and the continual inquires and prayers for Stefan.

With much Love and Gratitude,

Barb, Stefan, Norm and Carsten