Thanks Be To God and YOU !!!

Thank YOU for being part of Stefan’s Healing Journey to date and also thanks for in whichever way you have participated in the 21 Day Stefan Karl Ritter Healing Prayer!!!

May you all be so incredibly blessed with abundant love, health, happiness and strength!!!

We are so very humbled by how many of you around the world have taken time out of your life to send healing prayers, thoughts and vibrations to Stefan and to hold Norm, Carsten and myself up.

Stefan continues to heal and strengthen everyday. He is very well established to make a full and amazing recovery.

For those of you who personally know Stefan’s appetite, well . . . his body needs lots of nutrition. The tube feed through the nose will continue at night for a few more days. Stefan’s body is burning calories both naturally and due to the brain injury.

Below is a picture of Stefan on October 1, 2018.

With much love and gratitude,

Stefan and Family (Norm, Barb and Carsten)

Life is Precious, Life is Great, Life is LOVE in action . . . THUMBS UP!



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