(cover photo courtesy of SWpix.com)

UCI 2018 Track Cycling World Championships

Apeldoorn, Netherlands – February 28 to March 4, 2018

March 2, 2018 – Stefan placed 12th in the sprint qualifications with a time of 9.828. This paired him up in theΒ 1/16 Final against Yuta Wakimoto of Japan. Unfortunately, he lost and did not proceed in the match sprints.

March 4,Β 2018 – Stefan placed 16th in the kilo time trial with a time of 1:01.923.

Here is a interview of Stefan with Canadian Cyclist recapping his rides with a broken clavicle injury.

“It’s not the ride I was hoping for,” admitted Ritter, “I was definitely hoping for a top-10.Β  But considering that I could not do a bunch of kilo prep and we didn’t practice many starts because of my shoulder, honestly, I’m pretty happy with 16th.Β  I did feel it on the standing starts; it’s painful but I can push through it.Β  Honestly, I’m pretty lucky that I can still ride and race.”

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posted by Barbara Ritter